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Robert Dyas has got your back… having been on the high-street for 150 years they feel responsible to provide you with all the best cost saving products to help you when it’s needed most. Check out their wide range of recommendations below and don’t miss their latest blogs if you want all the top tips to Spend Well, Live Well: https://www.robertdyas.co.uk/spend-well-live-well

Switch to LED and save up to £375 a year*

Here’s a light bulb moment if ever there was one: Save up to £375 a year on energy by changing all your bulbs from halogen to LED.

For more ways to save, visit RobertDyas.co.uk/money-saving-tips

*Calculated on an average of 34 bulbs per home. Based on 2.7hrs per day at an average cost of 0.28p per kwh on a 60W equivalent bulb. Cost correct as of 19/08/22.

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Heat from room to room with an oil radiator

Cheap to run and one of the most energy efficient ways to heat any room*, our collection of portable oil radiators will keep you warm whilst cutting costs this winter.

Keep the draughts away

Save around £45 a year by draught-proofing doors and windows*. With our range of draught exclusion products you can stop heat – and money – escaping out of your home. Heat’s in, quids in. 

Save on central heating and cosy up with a heated blanket

For chilly evenings at home, avoid turning to the central heating and warm up your bed with a heated blanket. Turning down the main thermostat by just 1 degree could save around 10% on your energy bill.*

Beat the price hikes with smart energy

Smart thermostats save money by keeping the temperature as low as possible for longer whilst ensuring your home remains at your desired temperture. It’ll be easier to adjust via your smartphone too!*

*Heated blanket savings based on turning down your main thermostat. Source: https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/new-research-finds-96-of-uk-homeowners-are-concerned-about-their-home-energy-efficiency-yet-one-in-five-arent-taking-simple-steps-to-improve-it Cost correct as of 21/01/21.

*Smart energy source: https://getmysa.com/blogs/energy-savings/explained-how-smart-thermostats-save-money

*Oil radiators source: https://www.futuradirect.co.uk/blogs/electric-heating/benefits-of-using-an-oil-filled-radiator

*Draught exclusion savings based on a typical gas-fuelled semi-detached property in England, Scotland or Wales. Source: energysavingtrust.org.uk Cost correct as of 19/08/22.

*Our Buyer Terry’s energy usage claim is based on the Russell Hobbs Buckingham kettle. Source: uk.russellhobbs.com/buckingham-stainless-steel-quiet-boil-kettle-20460.